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Believe TOP
Japan Getting Back on Its Feet

#1 Fishing Industry and Reconstruction

Aiming to "Build Back Better"! An Innovation in "Fishery" Brought About by the Younger Generation

It's been a year since the devastating quake and tsunami hit Tohoku. The regions struck by the disaster are gradually moving into the reconstruction phase. What exactly is reconstruction? It must be nothing less than "Build Back Better". Even before the disaster struck the area, it had been predicted that the population of the Tohoku region would suffer a 50% decrease by around 2050. Ever since the disaster, the population has decreased even more rapidly. The population of the town of Ogatsu is said to have decreased to a mere 800 from 4000. In order to rebuild and revive such a situation, it's necessary to realize an innovation in the local industries.

Annihilating Blow to Fishing Industry
The Tsunami Has Taken Away Everything

The industry which is key in the reconstruction of Tohoku is fishing. Fishing and its byproducts make up 30% of the GDP in the city of Ishinomaki, hardest hit by the tsunami. 70% of the working population are employed in some sort of job related to fishing. The ocean in the Sanriku region which includes this city is said to be one of the three greatest fishing grounds in the world, and the potential for the industry is extremely high. In reality, this fishing ground had brought great riches to the people of Sanriku.

Due to the tsunami, 90% of the fishing boats which numbered around 20,000 were lost. Most of the fishing equipment, work space, and processing facilities were washed away and destroyed. Many fishermen lost their lives. Many older fishermen in their 70's and 80's have been forced out of business. Where there used to be 800 members in the fishermen's union, only 150 remain. The tsunami not only took away boats and facilities. It took away many fishermen.

The inconsistent support provided by the administration and NPOs are also a source of suffering for the fishermen. Clothing, food, and drinks, as well as relief funds arrived from all over the country for the people staying in the evacuation shelters and temporary housing . Of the inhabitants of the shelters and temporary housing sites, there are a few who spend their insurance money and relief funds at the pachinko parlor. However, those fishermen who did not lose their homes, somehow managed to save their boats, but lost their equipment making it impossible to work, do not receive any of the relief funds or goods. One fisherman lamented that after the disaster he was only able to bring in roughly 60,000JPY worth of fish for the entire year. Neither the administration nor the NPOs provided any support for such people.

A new trend in the fishing industry
The Younger Generation Creating New Value

However, even in such a situation, there are quite a few people who have stood up believing in the revival of the Sanriku Fishing Industry. They have bid farewell to the old way of conducting business and have formed a new union for the fishermen. Among its members are business consultants, businessmen from major corporations, and entrepreneurs. Through these people's activities, new values will be brought about in the ocean goods of the Sanriku area.

There are those involved in creating a new source for tourism. For example, the oyster of the Sanriku region is very popular among young women. However, there has never even been a single oyster bar in this region for people to enjoy the delicacy in a stylish environment. One hotel owner has created an auberge serving mainly oyster and wine, to try and attract the younger tourists. Ironically, in the post-tsunami ocean, the growth of the oysters is very rapid. It has been predicted that during the winter following the quake, high quality oysters will be accessible. Large, juicy oysters will help to raise the quality of the Sanriku goods, and in turn will help raise our brand image.

Unfortunately, there is still very little support for such projects. I believe that these sorts of activities will increase the value of Sanriku fishery. We will truly "Build Back Better".

Tohoku Rising
Representative Trustee Yoshiaki Takei

Message from Believe


Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation (Kouekizaidanhoujin Higashinihon Daishinsai Fukkoushien Zaidan) is mainly focusing on support of children in Tohoku and any activities supporting them, based on the philosophy "contributing to the creation of a society in which the next generation can live happily, through the support of reconstruction". It would bring us joy if you approve of our activities to support the people moving forward with the power to believe. A donation would be greatly appreciated.

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Please forward all donations to the following:
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Believe TOP

#1 漁業と復興

めざすは、Build Back Better!「漁業」にイノベーションを起こす若者たち

震災から1年。被災地はようやく復興フェーズに入りつつある。復興とは何か? それは「Build Back Better」以外にはあり得ない。東北は震災がなくても2050年ごろには人口が半減するだろうといわれていた「衰退していた地域」である。震災後はさらに人口の減少が加速し、石巻市雄勝町では4000人いた人口が800人にまで減ったといわれる。このような状態の東北を復興させるためには、地場産業のイノベーションを実現させるしかない。イノベーションによって、震災以前にも増して活気ある東北の町を作るのだ。









残念ながら、これらのプロジェクトに対する支援はまだまだ少ない。しかし、彼らのこのような活動こそが三陸漁業の価値を高めてくれる。「Build Back Better」を実現させるのだ。

代表理事 竹井善昭

Message from Believe




受取人口座名義 公益財団法人東日本大震災復興支援財団
(コウエキザイダンホウジン ヒガシニホンダイシンサイフッコウシエンザイダン)
振込先銀行名 みずほコーポレート銀行 大手町営業部(112)
口座種類、番号 普通預金 3514117



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