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Japan Getting Back on Its Feet

#2 Tourism and Reconstruction

Reconstruction through Innovation in Tourism Creating New Attractions within Tohoku

Many people see the revival of tourism as an important player in the revival of Tohoku. The Sanriku coastline which suffered great damage from the tsunami is a sawtooth coastline boasting a magnificent view. Matsubara situated in the city of RikuzenTakada of Miyagi Prefecture was visited by approximately 1 million tourists per year before the devastating tsunami washed over the entire town.

The local cuisine is also an important part of tourism. In that sense, the Sanriku region, regarded as one of the world’s foremost fishing grounds, has an advantage. The area produces a wide variety of delicacies such as oysters, shark fins, and ascidians, as well as an abundant supply of scallops and wakame(seaweed).

Good food will lure tourists to visit the area repeatedly. Once may be enough to see a certain landscape but the craving to eat a certain delicacy can become habitual. And true delicacies can only be enjoyed fresh by going to its place of origin. Seaweed shabu shabu which is a delicious and healthy dish can only be enjoyed during 1 month of the year between the end of February and the end of March. And the quality of oysters varies greatly depending on the way they are grown. In order to eat the best oysters you must find a fisherman who is a master at breeding them. This sense of enjoying something rare and special will surely act as a major resource for tourism.

How Do We Make the Best of Abundant Resources
The Need for a New Tourism Industry

The Tohoku area, before the quake and tsunami, had not been able to make the best of its resources. As I pointed out in my last entry, Tohoku, one of the biggest producers of oysters in Japan, did not have even one oyster bar in the area. They had neglected a very important target, young women. In other words, it can be said that the rebirth of tourism in Tohoku equals the creation of a totally new tourism industry, one which makes the best use of its rich resources.

At the same time, it's important to consider how to get the affluent Chinese, Russians, and Koreans to visit the area. Department stores and brand name shops in Tokyo have completely shifted their target to the Chinese tourists. Golf courses near Sendai are jampacked with Korean golfers. How to attract travelers from overseas into the country is an important issue for Japan's tourism industry as a whole, and as for Tohoku, they have never succeeded in luring foreign travelers to the area.

There are flights from Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei which fly directly into Sendai Airport. There are many foods in Tohoku which are preferred by the Chinese and the Koreans. The only issue is the lack of accommodations in the area. Once that is resolved, there will surely be an increase in the number of foreign tourists. In reality, the golf courses in Sendai have already succeeded in attracting Korean golfers.

Measures to Make Tohoku More Attractive for Foreign Tourists Is Necessary Great Expectation for Resorts

Skiing is another resource for tourism. Hokkaido has become a popular destination for Australian and Korean skiers. In Tohoku, there are many high quality ski resorts. Zao, a popular ski resort near Sendai Airport, is a ski resort famous for the ice coating on trees, something which is not so common in Hokkaido. It is predicted that the number of Chinese skiers will increase if China continues to grow economically. And it is highly possible for ski resorts in Tohoku to attract these new skiers. If the ski resorts in Tohoku become well known internationally, it will create a great market for the fishing industry, for the fishing port is only a few hours away. The tourism in Tohoku surely has an advantage, great powder snow and delicious seafood.

Towns such as Minami Sanriku and Rikuzen Takada, which suffered great damage, now have an abundance of vacant lots. Someone has yet to plan specifically, how the land will be used. As Las Vegas was built from nothing, right in the middle of the dessert, it may be possible to create a world level amusement city on this land. In order to turn the disaster into an opportunity for success, we must be flexible and creative.

In order to realize such a reconstruction, large scale investment is needed. And I believe Tohoku has the potential worth investing in.

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#2 観光と復興

めざすは、Build Back Better!「漁業」にイノベーションを起こす若者たち












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