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Japan Getting Back on Its Feet

#05 The Children and Reconstruction

The Children, Our Hope. Overcoming Difficulties to  Become an Active Force in the Revival of Tohoku

Children have a limitless potential. In any country, children are the hope for the future.

The children of Tohoku have encountered severe experiences due to last year’s disaster. Their hometowns and villages were washed away, and many of their friends and relatives were taken by the waves, right in front of their eyes. The children of Fukushima are still up against radiation, the invisible enemy. There are many who worry about PTSD among these children. There are, of course, those who do require psychological care. However, children are strong. Most children possess much more resilience than adults.

Almost 90% of the children wish to contribute to the regional reconstruction!

Immediately after the disaster, many children who had evacuated to the shelters were seen playing "tsunami". It was a kind of tag, where the child who was "it" would shout, "A tsunami is coming!" and chase the other children. When many support groups held drawing workshops for children, they were surprised to see many children drawing pictures of the tsunami. Psychiatrists and other experts say this is a perfectly normal phenomenon. When children experience great shock, they sometimes overcome it by facing up to it. This is much different from the older people who continue to lament the loss of relatives and neighbors, day in and day out, months after the disaster.

Children have a positive attitude toward life. According to a survey by "Save the Children", an international NGO, 87.4% of the children, elementary school through high school age, feel that they want to do something for their region. They also want to discuss with the other people in their area, the contributions they can make to rebuild their hometowns.

This positive attitude brings about growth among the children, resulting in the emergence of a highly qualified work force in the area which suffered the disaster. This in turn will contribute to the long term reconstruction of the area.

Ironically, Tohoku currently has one of the best educational environments in Japan. Many of the school campuses which suffered damage have still not been recovered, and many schools are forced to share facilities with other schools. However, various support groups are offering high standard educational opportunities.

The High Quality Education Offered to Disaster Victims

For instance, Softbank, in cooperation with the reconstruction support group "Tomodachi", sent 300 high school students of Tohoku to attend a leadership training program being held at the University of California, Berkeley. A program in which the students can learn about leadership and regional contribution is being given. The Grammy award winning artist, Ryuichi Sakamoto, the famous neuroscientist, Kenichiro Mogi, as well as other artists and scholars have been visiting the schools in the area, giving special classes.

"Tohoku Rising", the group I have founded, is also offering a program called "Kids' Dance Classes" for the children. Last year we held eight of these classes in Fukushima. The children of Fukushima cannot play outside due to the nuclear radiation. Dance can be enjoyed in a limited indoor space. In an average sized school gymnasium, more than 100 children can enjoy dancing at one time. Children love music and dance.

We have developed a dance lesson program for children under the supervision of Erika Takeuchi, chairperson of the Japan Association of Kids Coaching. The actual dance class is taught by top class professional dancers such as JUNKO☆, winner of the Cirque du Soleil prize which is a prestigious competition of choreography. The children who are given the opportunity to learn directly from professional dancers, experience firsthand the joy of dancing. This program is regarded highly by the education committee and is scheduled to be held for more than 6 days this summer.

We will also start a program to encourage reading among the children. The ability to read and understand is the basis for all branches of learning. In order to develop this ability, it is essential that children learn to enjoy reading. This program was not developed specifically for Tohoku but it will be initiated in the area as another form of support.

A great number of these high quality educational programs are being offered in Tohoku. If we provide superior educational opportunities to children with high awareness towards regional contribution, there will be a high level workforce in the area within a few years. These children will surely change the future of Tohoku, bringing much more vitality to the area. It is these children, who will "Build Back Better" the post disaster Tohoku.

Message from Believe


Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation (Kouekizaidanhoujin Higashinihon Daishinsai Fukkoushien Zaidan) is mainly focusing on support of children in Tohoku and any activities supporting them, based on the philosophy "contributing to the creation of a society in which the next generation can live happily, through the support of reconstruction". It would bring us joy if you approve of our activities to support the people moving forward with the power to believe. A donation would be greatly appreciated.

bank details for making a donation

Please forward all donations to the following:
BANK NAME Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd.
BRANCH NAME Otemachi corporate banking devision (112)
ACCOUNT NO. 3514117
ACCOUNT ADDRESS 1-9-2, Higashi Shinbashi , Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 105-0021
ACCOUNT TEL. +81-3-6889-1560
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BRANCH TEL. +81 3-3214-1111

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#5 子どもたちと復興














このようにレベルの高い教育プログラムが数多く、東北の被災地に提供されている。地域貢献意識の高い子どもたちにレベルの高い教育を提供すれば、数年後には優れた人材が多数、生まれてくるはずだ。この子達の未来が東北を確実に変え、震災以前にも増して活気のある東北を生み出すだろう。東北の「Build Back Better」を実現させるのはこの子たちなのである。

Message from Believe




受取人口座名義 公益財団法人東日本大震災復興支援財団
(コウエキザイダンホウジン ヒガシニホンダイシンサイフッコウシエンザイダン)
振込先銀行名 みずほコーポレート銀行 大手町営業部(112)
口座種類、番号 普通預金 3514117



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